On July 8, when North Korean President Kim Il-sung died in 1994, smiling was strictly forbidden. Talking loudly, dancing or drinking alcohol that day is limited. Failure to comply with the rules can lead to people being sent to labor camps or killed. Kim Il-sung`s body is kept in a glass tomb and tourists must bow to his feet. The North Koreans have only three channels and have to sit through them because they have no other choice. Two of these channels are only available on weekends, while the other is broadcast in the evening. For this reason, South Korean soap operas are among the most popular articles to enter clandestinely. Everything that circulates on the channel is controlled by the government. Even a bike is not quite affordable and rarely found outside of Pyongyang. All bikes have license plates, just like cars. All citizens over the age of 17 must participate in the elections. Elections are held to elect the party leaders who will govern the country, except that there is usually a candidate! In North Korea, those who own a car are certainly very rich and powerful people. The price of a car is dizzying and equates to around $40,000 (according to this website).

Even a bike is not quite affordable and rarely found outside of Pyongyang. All bikes have license plates, just like cars. Contrary to popular belief, a local citizen is not imprisoned or executed for a conversation with a stranger. However, the offender will have a serious conversation with special service representatives. If you try to talk to someone or take a picture of them, they will probably run away from you. Yes, they just want to call themselves «Korea.» So what will South Korea do? They don`t care. They fight like a child to be the «real Korea.» All the images of the country show the entire peninsula, which is now North Korea and South Korea together. From their point of view, they are proud Koreans living in Korea, the southern half of which is unfortunately currently occupied. The two Koreas could not have been «poles of each other,» even though they were once part of undivided Korea. While Seoul-led South Korea is a democracy with an open society and a thriving industry, the North has been ruled by an authoritarian regime that began with Kim Il-sung, followed by his son Kim Jong-il and current Prime Minister Kim Jong-un. Strict customs regulations in North Korea | Photo: AFP/Representational image North Korea has its own basketball rules | Photo: AP Other calendar in North Korea | Photo: Uritours North Korea has never been a fan of big brands, especially American brands playing in its economy sandbox. Before 2015, there were only 2 countries in the world where Coca-Cola was banned: Cuba and North Korea.

When this drink was finally allowed to be sold on Freedom Island, North Korea was the only country that no longer had Coca-Cola in its stores. For ideological reasons, of course. If you need a haircut, be sure to choose one of the 28 state-approved hairstyles. Yes, you heard that right! The North Korean government has approved 28 official hairstyles and all men and women in the country must follow the same hairstyles as other hairstyles. Spiked Hair is banned exclusively because the government thinks he is rebellious. North Korea does not have a World Wide Web, but a portal for state propaganda. Although it`s not quite the Internet, rather an intranet called «Kwangmyong». All international websites are banned, and if you are not a high-ranking, you should never visit them. The local operating system «Red Star» is reminiscent of MacOS X in its latest version.

They say it was made because of Kim Jong-un`s preference for Apple products. It is impossible to find a newspaper that was printed in a library a few years ago. The course of the Workers` Party of Korea may change, and ordinary Koreans do not need to know this. Of course, foreign newspapers and magazines are out of the question. However, daily newspapers are usually displayed in special stalls on the streets and in subway stations, and there is no need to buy them. Strict rules for tourists to North Korea | Photo: AFP Only male civil servants are allowed to drive. Women do not receive a driver`s license, even if they work as traffic officers. State restrictions only allow one in a hundred people to have a car. Citizens should not have the same name as the current president.

So everyone named Kim was forced to change their name. Some may object, saying that other Asian countries also do not have central heating. However, in other countries, they can use electric heaters. In North Korea, they have electricity problems even in the capital. The country is considered the most closed country, which is not surprising given the number of terrible laws. The state deprives its citizens of their fundamental rights and imposes strange totalitarian rules on them. Earlier, we told you the story of the strict rules that Kim Jong Un`s wife must follow, and this time we brought some of the strange laws to North Korea that you had no idea about: North Korean leader Kim Jong-un only wants the most successful, wealthy, and influential people to live in North Korean Pyongyang. People must have explicit permission to live in the capital. North Korea, known as the most mysterious state in the world, has terrible laws. «Terrible» would be an understatement, as it deprives its people of their basic rights and imposes bizarre totalitarian rules on them. The health of the North Korean leader is not the only issue that is heavily guarded in this isolated country. North Korea is a totalitarian regime that follows rules that are different from those of the rest of the world.

The nation keeps many secrets and has many unusual laws that will make you thank the universe in which you do not live there. Some of them are below: As for Wi-Fi, it just doesn`t exist. Mobile devices don`t even have access to «Kwangmyong». Chinese tablets produced for North Korea do not have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth modules. They are simply not necessary. If you can afford jeans, you can wear them. But denim should be black because blue jeans are banned. In North Korea, they embody world imperialism. However, if you are a tourist, no one will say a word to you, but you will have to change when you visit the monument of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. North Korea is a mythical country, which means that due to the lack of information, many myths have been created about it. However, some of them eventually turned out to be true. However, travel restrictions also apply within the country.

To visit your loved ones in another city or village, you need to get permission. However, some North Koreans can still go abroad to China or Russia, but only to make money. Tampons will never be found in Korean stores. .