Maybe I should write a blog like you tell people not to expect to make 6 characters in a construction company in their first year. I strongly disagree. I founded several construction companies from scratch. One tile and stone installation company and three general construction companies. I`ve never done less than 6 figures in a year, even though I almost didn`t work on it. My new business in Southwest Florida started just over a year ago, contactless, moving from another state to my current location and making sales of nearly 1 million nets nearly 300,000. The real time spent prospecting for new business was about 3 days in more than a year. Zero marketing dollars. Maybe you`re trying to make money with this blog by selling some sort of system to people who should never be in a business. Being an entrepreneur requires certain skills, but if you`re smart, organized, and good with people, you`re more than halfway there. The rest of the way has to do with showing up in front of people who need your services or who can recommend you. I focus on real estate agents, designers, large builders who do not want to worry about renovation, any type of company that sells products related to the construction industry and others. Get your business cards, take pictures of your work (or if you don`t have your photos falsified until you do and use someone else), and go out.

The only thing people need to know about construction marketing is «PUT YOUR FACE IN FRONT OF A POTENTIAL CUSTOMER AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE» and don`t forget your cards. I have jobs of people I met at the supermarket who noticed my sign on the truck, people at Starbucks talking online about buying a house, neighbors of people I worked for after I left or sending one of my boys knocking on their door, and so on!!!! So basically, my opinion is, if you don`t expect to do more than 100K in your first year, why are you getting into the business? Expect that and go out and do it. One last thought. Most startup entrepreneurs focus 90% on trying to get organized, have the right equipment and look for the part, waste time working on online and offline marketing that will never help, and then spend 10% or much less of their time in front of customers. Our current EMR is leaving the company. We are in talks with someone who has an expired license to replace him. Should they repeat the test to make the license active before our company can use its license and it becomes our EMR? Or can it remain inactive as long as our current license is active (if we change EMR within 90 days)? At the Entrepreneur Training Center, we help you make it easier for you by providing you with the right tools to pass your bachelor`s exam and pass it for the first time, guaranteed. We even offer application support services so you can be approved as soon as possible. Sign up for one of our preparation courses today in order to get your license and earn more money. 1. Target smartly. Smart sellers focus on prospects with a high probability of closing, which offer a good return on investment.

That is, do not work with anyone, but with clients who are serious about their renovation. Some states have a clause that allows experienced entrepreneurs to pass on their license to a new contractor when they retire. You must still pass the state license exam for your trade in order to obtain this established license. Grandfathered licenses are ideal if your family has a contract business, as they allow a parent to give you their license in retirement. However, you do not need to be a family member of the original contractor to obtain a grandfathered license. You can also get a license if you take over the business from another departing contractor. Construction, which is carried out by unqualified people who illegally obtain a license using an absent qualifier, is a threat to the public. Consumers are at risk when poor quality work is performed by unskilled workers; The cost of correcting bad work can be exorbitant and often exceed the initial amount of the contract. I`ve always loved owning a construction company. Although I am eligible for the General Building Contractor License, I would prefer to work with an RMO while getting my own license, which can take longer.

How can I get in touch with such entrepreneurs without having to go through a broker????? Thank you and greetings. GERVAIS TCHENGANG Is it wrong for me to tell everyone «I own the business» when my father is the owner on paper and all the documentation of the CSLB? I`m upset because he was so lazy when he was here, I did everything. Could I make more money if I ran a bigger business without my father ruining everything? I love the company, I`m very good at it, I`m just afraid that my father`s lack of morality will catch up with me. Thank you for your ideas and help! I have always responded by citing the Business and Professions code that covers this issue. .